imageYou may be asking yourself.. “Who the hell are you?” So before I start getting into writing about all this crazy crap that goes on in my head I would like to tell you a little bit about myself (Gulp).

My name is Paige, and I am a Chapstick and Coke Zero addict (Hello Paige). I am Southern California born and raised. I come from a very small semi- dis functional family (by semi I mean EXTREMELY). I’m 31 years old in July. I grew up very very shy. Still am to an extent, unless you know me well.  I went through a long stretch of time in my life where all I did was party, and waste too many years on the wrong men  and now I am a fiancé to a great man, Nathan, and a mother to a beautiful baby girl Audree who is currently 18 months (you will hear plenty about them trust me). 😊 I’m a stay at home mom, but stay fairly busy. Im  very active and hands on with my daughter.

Now that is out of the way, I must say I will be posting about things I feel very passionate about. And mostly venting about my daily life and struggles. If you are reading this…. Yay!! I’m so happy, and drop a comment and say hello!




4 thoughts on “Introduction…

  1. So I just went back and read through all of your posts. I love that you are using this outlet as means of expressing yourself. It’s intriguing to me to read your posts because I know about half of what you are saying, and then the other half is new to me because of the years that have passed.

    It breaks my heart to hear that you feel alone sometimes, you have gone through hard times after the baby, and that she is terrorizing your sleep life right now. I cannot begin to relate to you on the kid thing, but I hope to one day.

    Regardless of how much time passes, I will always have a special place for you in my heart. I think about you occasionally and it warms my heart to think of our friendship. Sure a lot of time has passed, however that doesn’t take a way our great memories.

    I want to make a point of going home more to visit, the last few times I have….have literally been for 5-6 hours at most. Its bizarre to me how much faster my life is now days, its constant rushing and I never really get a chance to breath.

    So for these past few moments I have had a chance for the first time all day to sit here and reflect, think about you and have a smile on my face.

    I know that long term we will always keep in touch, and my short term goal is for that to be more often.

    I love you Paige, you’re such a thoughtful and caring person.

    Send my love to grandma,


    Mc Brynters

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    1. Brynt I’m literally so overwhelmed by your message to me I could cry a thousand tears, but I’m in public and can’t lol . It saddens me that we aren’t as close as we used to be. In one of my posts about how I missed my old friendships that I didn’t have in my life anymore I was mostly talking about ours and the atkinsons. I love you and have hopes that we can see each other soon and I know in my heart that we will always be close friends no matter what!!! Seriously thank you for being a good enough friend to me to actually take time out of your busy life and read my posts. Means more than you will ever know. Love you McBrynters!


      1. I read that post and literally got goosebumps. I knew you were talking about me, probably Krista, and definitely all of the girls.

        I’d love to catch up with you, you have my word that on my next visit I am making time to meet the little one and your other half! It would be great to see grandma, even though she will probably tell me go to home 😉

        Looking forward to catching up with you.

        Love you, have a fan freakingtastic weekend…and keep up with the posting. I am now subscribed and look forward to seeing them. No pressure!!

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      2. Definitely Krista too I miss her 😦 I wish I never moved away when I did back when I moved in with stupid Aaron. Ugh. And yesssssss let’s catch up! Let me know next time you come up, and we will spend some time together . You have a super duper weekend too. And omg thanks for the pressure! Haha love you


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