10 things I wish I knew 10 years ago

10 years ago would put me at a fresh 21 years of age. (Don’t we all miss that age?! ) looking back holy cow was I naive and thought I knew the world. But if I could give my 21 year old self some advice it would probably go a little something like this…

1. Stop dicking around and get focused in college!! Who cares if you don’t have the motivation from your family, get it done and reap in the success of being the only person in your family that has a degree…

2. Everyone is just as self conscious and insecure as you are deep down, so it’s ok to come out of your shell. Not everyone is judging you at every second of the day.

3. You are valuable, don’t let anyone’s stupid arrogant opinion of you make you feel down about yourself.

4. Work on yourself before you let boys in your life. I hate this about my past. Before I could even form my own identity I let men create it for me, and that ruined me for a long time. It made me dependent on men for self confidence. A very very hard lesson to learn. Not every girl has a lot of self discovery to do, because of family morals that were instilled, or maybe they had a strong family guiding them, or even parents who were actively present for their kids upbringing, but from the get go I had a lot of work to be done on myself and I wish I didn’t put boys before that. 

5. Dream big and make goals. Don’t settle on the “I’m doing enough to get by mentality”. 

6. That beat up Honda that always broke down and caused you so much misery will not be around for long.

7. Invest in the friendships you have. Because making quality friendships when you are an adult is unbelievably difficult. And you will want them In your wedding and to be in there’s. I still get sad when I see my old girlfriends STILL close like how close we all were in high school and even middle school, and I’m no where apart of those friendships anymore. I don’t know if it’s because i didn’t keep in touch as much when I moved away or if they weren’t keeping in contact with me, but I still miss that bond. I probably always will. 

8. The hatred your sister has for you will morph into a beautiful relationship. We got into the most petty fights, like she pushed me off the curb onto my butt in front of the school all because I took her Seventeen Magazine… And probably wearing her underwear, lol I don’t know why I stole them, that’s kinda weird thinking about that now . But we’re both older now and I wouldn’t change our bond for the world. 

9. You won’t always have that skinny hot bod! Enough said. 

10. Last but not least.. Save your money and pay your damn bills! Credit is important ! ( still learning this lesson and I’m 30) . 



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