I’m about to lose my sh!t. 

Right now I’m dreaming of how life was before I had a hard headed spirited toddler…….

Mmmmmm. *wakes from her dream by child screaming*

I don’t know how people with multiple kids do it. Do your kids just play with each other and keep each other entertained? Cause if that’s how I’m going to be able to get anything done around here then sign me up for another one!

Is she seriously shaking her full opened  fruit box everywhere and drenching herself in it? 

Hiding in the kitchen now trying to regain my composure because it has been like this all. damn. day. 

She hasn’t been sleeping well at night, so my most of the time sweet little princess is a mean little terrorist and on a path of mass destruction. Sigh. 

Is that the sound all the books from the book shelf being thrown onto the floor?? 

I keep thinking she’s going to grow out of this little stage and be my darling again. She still is my darling. But not today.

Breathe Paige, BREATHE!! 


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