What’s in my bag? 

I love seeing the articles in the gossip magazines of what’s in the celebrities bag, I have seen inside a lot of celebrities bags because I get the magazines  in the mail every week, but I never seen one quite like mine. I just have to laugh at this picture. I usually carry more receipts and loose tissues/trash than this but I wanted to give an idea of what an average moms bag looks like. This is not a diaper bag, this is my actually purse.

There’s a few things I definitely need to throw out, like the day old uncrustable I brought along yesterday while running errands with Audree (my toddler). And the smashed up nutrigrain bar probably can be thrown out along with the used tissues. I’ve got some herbal Dramamine, a few cruise stubs from our Seattle vacation last week. A church brochure from last Sunday, and a Disneyland map. Shoes, diapers, and a pacifier she never uses because she doesn’t take one (She uses it like a toy), etc.

To all you mommies what do your bags look like? 🙂 


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