Thanks for the Shoutout !!

Yesterday I was nominated by this fabulous blog Grubbsncritters to answer some random questions about myself. First of all, as a new blogger of only 3 months, I feel completely and utterly honored to even have a mention of my blog from such an inspiring blogger with such great content ! ❤️

These are the questions and answers she has laid out for me. I love them by the way. A great way for my readers to learn a little more about me. PS Im new to WordPress so I’m not sure how all this works, considering this is my first nomination, so  I hope I’m doing this right. Let me know if I am supposed to nominate others in this post.

So here they are:

Who is your favourite stand up comedian? I had recently just seen Ali Wongs Baby Cobra stand up, and never have I laughed so hard in my LIFE. She is 7 months pregnant and speaks such truth I fell off the couch multiple times in tears laughing so hard i couldn’t breath and actually thought I was about to die. Please check it out on Netflix. You will not be disappointed. 

How many hours of sleep do you get each night? Sleep?! Whats that? I still breastfeed and cosleep so my toddler wakes up every couple hours (on a good night) asking for the boob. Which in turn wakes me up. I swear she sucks a little bit of my soul out of me every night. Weening will be happening very soon as this momma needs her sleep! 

What’s something that your kids do to drive you crazy, but doesn’t make you angry? My daughter is in the hiding stage. So I’m constantly looking for random household items (including sippy cups with milk in them: GAG) that i have yet to find! Let me tell you now, when i find that milk sippy, its going straight into the trash! 

Have you ever embarrassed yourself? Falling up the stairs, awkward conversation with people i have just met ( mild socially awkward over here), i have a habit of blending my words, like if i meant to say “stupid” but was also thinking of the word “dumb” I would blurt out “duped” (dupe-ed)…. sigh

Have you ever been pulled over by a police officer? Why? A tail light being out, speeding, and illegally passing a stopped school bus (i honestly did not see the sign hanging off the bus to stop). 

Your life now has a soundtrack. What’s its title? The Old and the Restless 

Indian or Thai cuisine? Which dish? I love both so i can’t decide. 

What’s your biggest yet ridiculous fear? A ghost watching me at night and touching me. 

Which series have you binged watch? Um…. what series have I not?! 🙂 Heres just a few from recent and past : Lie To Me, Real Housewives, Dexter, The Office, Mindy Project, How I Met Your Mother. 

Which celebrity annoys you to no end? Wouldn’t really call her a celeb but JOJO from the Bachelorette. She annoyed me ALL season but I couldn’t resist watching. She chose the wrong guy. I have so many opinions on this I won’t bore you to death 🙂 

If you are given 1 day to do anything you like with no work, personal or life obligation, how would you spend your day? I would go to breakfast in a little tiny corner table, have all the pastries and coffee i can fit in my body, go to see a couple movies back to back, probably all rated R. Afterwards, maybe grab some more food, and go shopping.. Go spend my night with 10 hours of uninterrupted sleep.  

Link to the original shout out post by: Grubbs N Critters




One thought on “Thanks for the Shoutout !!

  1. Thank you for the response – always great to be reading some awesome answers. I definitely can watch Dexter, Lie to me and How I met your mother. Do you then believe in ghost? ;P
    Please do nominate others and pass on the blogily love! xxx.


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