Weekend Recap 

Friday– Had an early play date planned for 7:30 am (eek!) with a woman I’m getting to know from church. She’s a lovely person, married and has a 7 month old boy. We talked and got to know each other. Had some coffee and muffins.

Pushed the kids in the swings.Only had about an hour to hang out because of her baby’s nap time, so right after Audree and I went to visit Daddy at work, since he works only a couple miles away from the park we were at.

We stayed a while and she jibber jabbered to everyone in the office. She’s been coming to see Daddy at work since she was 3 weeks old. Maybe one day she will take over the family business .

We went home and Audree crashed hard for a nap, of course on my lap so i couldn’t move for like 2 hours. But I’ve been binge watching Netflix so I didn’t mind. She was in a good mood when she woke up, and being back to her silly self again.

When daddy got home from work, we went shopping and came home and went to sleep fairly early. We had a long day .

Saturday- I had a yoga class at 8:30 so I was up early rushing to get ready, and Audree had an 8:50 class at her gym so Nathan took her to that, took over the whole responsibility of getting her ready and fed and out the door. Which was awesome cause I only had to focus on getting myself ready. I was already nervous about this yoga class cause I haven’t been in years and never done hot yoga before. The place was small but had a warm welcoming feel to it. We practiced pranayama, the 4th limb. It was pretty tough, some times were easier than others. But it was an amazing experience. I’m used to meditating everyday, so during Savasana when my body was beginning to feel the relaxation, I started having very weird sensations, almost like I was falling. Saw vivid visions of people and at times I had gotten so lost in the moment I almost forgot where I was and what I was doing. Very interesting experience !!  Definitely something im doing again. Wednesday in fact. ❤️ I’m day dreaming of that savasana! 😌

After the 90 minute class, went and had lunch at the mall with Nathan and the baby and laid our butts on the couch all day and just bummed it. I was so sore but relaxed. Felt good to do nothing on a Saturday night.

Sunday- Of course, Sunday is our day of Worship. We love our church. We just started back into it a couple months ago, but we are all loving our new church as a family. The message from our guest speaker Pastor Ricky from Memphis was hilarious, and brought a deep deep message and I admit, I cried a few times. He is very emotional and devout and that moved me.

After church we went home and Nathan, the baby and I all took a glorious nap on the couch for a couple hours. Maybe even 3. But I woke up feeling refreshed and amazing. I needed that for sure. Later on, after the heat cooled off and the sun was going down, we took Audree and our dog Dori down to the grass at the school next to us. Nice way to wind down from  the weekend.

She looks like a little wild child doesn’t she? Well that’s because she is ☺️

Well, that was my weekend! Hope your guys weekend was fun and relaxing. Feel free to share with me how your weekend was ❤️

Xoxo, Paige


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