We bought our first home ❤️ 

It’s been a while my friends, that I have been able to post. A little update as to what has been going on…. I’ve lived in super stress for the last month during escrow so my blogging had to come to a temporary halt due to losing my mind during this whole home buying business. But!!! We got the keys last Thursday night and it’s been hectic and very tiring. Especially since I haven’t been feeling well. Probably because I missed my 2 yoga classes last week. 😦  moving sucks! My daily and weekly routine went right out the window. Our home is slowly coming together . Also I went to the doctors last week because I’ve been living with bloating and severe stomach and digestion problem. I have been living with what I’m expecting to be IBS or chrons since my test results aren’t in yet. My stomach gets too uneasy to do yoga most days, but I’m on meds now and I haven’t had too bad of a stomach ache. I’ve put the doctors off for 2 years. Finally taking care of myself. It’s hard to do that sometimes when you’re a mom. I’ve put my health on the back burner for far too long. My doc suspected ulcerative colitis, depression (that’s a given), anxiety (absolutely) and a thyroid problem. Yay ! 🙄   I have tons of testing to do but I need to be healthy for my family. I can’t afford to be sick anymore.

Last night for the first time in a week I did some yoga practice and meditation. (I turned one of the extra bedrooms into my yoga/ meditation room. I can’t wait till its complete so I can show it off to you ! I need to mention some interesting things that happened during my meditation last night… I did some breath exercises while i settled into my session. Almost immediately I felt like my head was going to spin off my neck! I always find my body swaying and my chakras spinning during my meditation sessions but this felt so weird/awesome. My crown chakra tingled for a good long while. I woke up this morning vibrant, haven’t woken up like that in a while!

Anyways, that’s all for now. I’ll be back to my regular blogging very soon. ❤️


9 thoughts on “We bought our first home ❤️ 

  1. Your house looks great! I thought your comment about spinning was interesting, I wonder if it has been my chakras spinning on occasion (and not abduction by aliens as I sort of half wondered!) Hope you get your stomach problems sorted.

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    1. Thank you so much 🙂 I thought the spinning was rather interesting too! I scoured the Internet to find similar experiences and I sure did! If I focus on one chakra at a time, with a mantra and the color of the chakra I immediately feel the spinning . It’s a lovely feeling. My stomach problems are on their way to being resolved . Thanks for asking 🙂 ❤️hugs

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