Soda Detox 

Day two of no soda a complete success! Anyone that knows me well knows I’m a soda junkie. My weakness is Coke Zero in a solo cup with 6 ice cubes. (OCD MUCH?!?!) I had one monster of a migraine this morning but went away with a motrin and iced coffee. I’m totally prepared for that to repeat tomorrow. Been juicing all day to take place of the soda, drinking tons of water and eating healthy light meals. I had a strange amount of energy today! Went to church, ran some errands  and had an amazing nap and nice visit with Nathan’s family. Did some yoga just now and stretching, now I’m getting ready for bed 🙂 what a good day. These 10 lbs I gained over the last month aren’t going to stand a chance! Determined to keep up this life style change. So happy Nate’s on board. He loves my juices 🙂 So far this is my favorite juice concoction that actually tastes really good!!

My juicer has become my favorite thing lately. I’m not craving crap junk food and my mind has felt clearer. But I’m taking this day by day. I’ve done the cold turkey approach before and failed many times, but I have hopes I can finally beat it this time. If you know of any Coke Zero Anonymous meetings let me know. I’m very willing to go. 🙂
I will keep you posted every couple days how my diet is going, and any new juice recipes I try and come up with.

Xoxo, Paige ❤️


7 thoughts on “Soda Detox 

  1. Congrats! I am not a soda junkie, but I have my vices. Very inspirational. My husband drinks Diet Coke like it’s water. Good for you with the coffee! I’m a coffee drinker and with coffee, you get your caffeine fix, but you’re also getting water, but you have to watch what you add in. I use skim milk – protein – and a little sugar-in-the-raw or 1 Splenda. You could also try honey as a sweetener. Keep it up!

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    1. I have to the Coca-Cola last year and my fiancé introduced me to Coke Zero which is no sugar or calories but tons of artificial sweeteners and actually caused me to gain wait and I got hooked on that too! Lol! But it’s day 4 and things are getting better thank goodness. And good luck to you! You can do it! It’s really hard but it’s worth it 🙂

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      1. It’s really so so hard! Though actually I went off it for a few days, then caved into temptation last night and found I didn’t want it as much as I thought! Left half the can. I think it’s a mental thing – it’s my treat after a long day of being ‘mommy’!

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