As the soda detox continues… 

So this is pretty much how it’s going….

IT SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I decided to capture exactly how I’m feeling today in a variety of ways…

Yesterday (day 4) I was like this…

Today… day 5… going like this…..

So… yeahhhhhhh.

Cravings are fierce. Nathan my fiancé has no problems cracking open a soda right in front of me either 😩. The sound of the fizzy bubbles hitting the ice cubes is my weakness. I don’t like him in that moment lol. But!!!! Haven’t caved in yet!!

That’s all for today. I’m grumpy cranky and cooking dinner for Mr. Soda Drinker


3 thoughts on “As the soda detox continues… 

    1. Hey there ! I woke up with a migraine and sipped on some ice coffee all morning. My fiancé nudged me to try a soda since it’s been so long and I might not even like the taste of it anymore, and I’m glad I did , I had one soda and if wasn’t anything special.!! I’m so happy for that 🙂 thanks for asking


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