Learning lessons

I didn’t have any intentions on writing tonight, but Audree isn’t feeling well and she’s cuddled up on me  watching Coraline. (Creepy cartoon movie that she LOVES so much), and have a LOT on my mind today. 

I let a lot of things get under my skin today and I lashed out on someone. In hindsight i felt it  needed to happen, but as far as my spiritual growth goes I feel like it was a minor set back. But I am not ashamed. I will continue to try to be the best version of myself without holding on to too high of expectations. I’m not perfect. I’m a very sensitive person, and when things hurt me or the ones i care about I react like any other human being. I protect.

I learned a few things about myself today, so I guess it wasn’t too bad of a day after all. Any time you get the opportunity to look within and find new strengths and weaknesses is a blessing and a learning lesson. And I could use more of both of those in my life.

1. I found strength that I never thought I had before. Strength to stand up for what’s right.

2. I realized my full potential of the capacity of the love I have to give, and  it was tested against my fear of confrontation and the disapproval of others.

3. Speaking what’s on your mind and letting nothing hold you back is incredibly cleansing and gave me a sense of freedom,integrity  and rawness. The power of speaking true honesty is powerful, despite the huge conflict that can arise from it. 

Today was a rough day, but tomorrow is a new one. The support system i do have are remarkable people who keep me going. I will pray tonight and ask for guidance from the Lord and ask for peace and stillness.

Until next time .



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