My first Reiki and Chakra healing session

I have done my fair share of research on all things reiki and chakra balancing, for quite some time now. I am very fascinated with alternative healing. Most of the time when you seek a therapist or a doctor of Western medicine they just want to shove pills down your throat and call it a day. No real healing is done. There is always a pill for whatever your experiencing, and then tack on a plethora of additional negative side effects. No thank you!

I have been dealing with a lot of health issues. Postpartum depression, extremely painful and chronic digestive issues, unexplainable body aches and pains, bouts of depression here and there, anxiety, loss of period, short temper and lack of energy. I tried the doctors and they ran a bunch of tests and they couldn’t find what was wrong with me, but prescribed me some pills that made me feel terrible. So I stopped taking them.

Ive always believed that your energy body and your chakras have a lot to do with your physical and emotional health. So a chakra and crystal healing was always on my list of things I needed to try. I only started reading about the health benefits of Reiki the past 4 months or so. I found a woman who runs a practice in Los Angeles (2 hour drive), and decided to go for it! My appointment was today and I was SOOOOOOOO anxious and nervous. Her name is Julianna and as part of her impressive and long list of  credentials she is a Reiki Master,  and Psychic and intuitive counselor. I had an appointment for a “90 minute chakra rejuvenation, and 30 minute psychic reading”.

Chakra Rejuvenation:

Chakras are cleansed, opened and balanced during this treatment with a combination of Reiki, Crystals, Chromotherapy, Sound Healing and Aromatherapy.

Her practice was held in a very small but charming little “apartment type” place off an alley way, so it was kind of a hidden gem. I walked in and was immediately sat down in a chair facing awkwardly close to her which I am the type of person who loves my space. But she was very warm and welcoming and easy to talk to. She went over what she was going to be doing, and then began a  quick meditation to connect ourselves to one another. I can feel her energy connecting to mine at this time. She started off with a psychic reading. She encouraged me  to only say yes or no answers, and only offer up more information if something needs clarifying. She right off the bat started receiving very personal information about me. Being that I have never seen a psychic before I was immediately awe struck by her gift. And quite jealous. What a cool gift to have. I prefer to not go over what was said in the reading, some things I like to keep private even though I do share a lot of personal information on here. She went deep into my past and mentioned things that only few people know. All I have to say is that she is the real deal. I was in tears at one point when she touched on the “relationship” I have with my mother. She put her hand on my knee, looked me in the eye and said she was terribly sorry. When a stranger can look you into the eye, see the hurt you’ve faced as a child and still do for that matter and be so genuine with sorrow for you, its a profound moment. In that special moment an acceptance and understanding was formed.

Now was the time for the reiki and chakra rejuvenation. I laid on the table on my back supported by a comfy pillow under my head and calves, the lights were dimmed, soft enchanting music playing in the background, and a light eye mask placed on top of my eyes. She sat in a chair behind my head and hovered her hands over my shoulders. She let me know we were to begin the session. She then spoke in a slightly different voice than her speaking voice, it was a deeper entrancing voice. Sort of like the voice a hypnotist has, but with much confidence and power behind it. My eyes immediately began to spasm uncontrollably with her words “This is the Holy Fire Reiki” …….. A flood of warmth and pulsing sensations overwhelmed my body. 90 minutes of this! Unreal!  She led me into a guided meditation, then we began  the healing and letting go of resentment towards family members and the pain that is held in my body because of it. I chanted specific mantras. At the end of this area of the healing session to wanted me to close with saying three times  “I love and accept myself”. The words were forced and shakey coming out of my mouth. I couldn’t believe how hard it was to tell myself that I love and accept myself. But she challenged me to repeat the mantra for as long as I needed to feel OK. Which ended up being more than 3 times.

She then placed crystals all around my body, on my chakras, underneath my hands and by the soles of my feet. I immediately felt the power radiating from the crystals. Especially the ones under my palms and feet, they were instantly warm and throbbing. I wish I would have asked her what they were because I would like to purchase those one day. I then felt her hands cradling the base of my head. While she gently held her hands there I felt a wave of energy flowing over the top of my head, it was a marvelous feeling. Kind of like an ocean wave crashing on the top of your head. She moved down to my shoulders and back of my neck. Again feeling intense rushing and swirling of energy all over my body. Electrical pulses vibrating in the most beautiful magnificent way. She moved slowly down my right side, placing her hands on my arms, my knee, side of waist, ankle and entire foot. Each time she moved to a different part of body she would spend about 10 minutes working in that area. Then repeated on the other side. Her hands were warm with each touch, and when she would release her touch from me I felt the magnetic pull she had on my energy. Throughout the entire reiki process I kept feeling two extra sets of hands on me at various times. My intuition told me it was her spirit guides, (which she later confirmed she had two spirit guides assisting her).  Absolutely blew me away. I was being touched by entities from the other side. It was an elated feeling. There were moments when she had her hands on my arms (where she told me I harbor a lot of negative repressed emotion) and my arms would tremble uncontrollably. It was like little micro electrocutions all over and I could not stop it. I didn’t want to. It felt releasing and intoxicating. I knew she was bringing all the toxins and bad energy to the surface to be released. One of my favorite sensations that I experienced was for about 5 minutes I felt this overwhelming sense of LOVE and WHOLENESS. I had visions in my head of skipping and laughing and feeling free and one with myself. Complete happiness and authentic love. It resembled a big bear hug, but in spirit form, and the thought that came to my mind was, “I love and accept myself”.

This woman is the real deal, my friends. Plain. And. Simple.

For the last 10 minutes she preformed the sound healing. I don’t know what was making the noise but it was a beautiful vibrating noise that felt like an earth quake over my body. It was peaceful and serene, I need to get me one of those.

“I seal this healing with light and love” She said as she closed our session and began removing the crystals from my body. I slowly got up, arms still deeply warm, a feeling of just have woken up from a 5 hour nap, and a very vulnerable sense of self. We sat back in our facing chairs and went over the session, and I was so overwhelmed with what I had just experienced that I mostly stayed quiet and nodded my head, only able to speak a few words. I felt this feeling of wanting to be alone to recoup and assess what had just happened. Its one thing to hear about Reiki, but to experience it first hand, its very real. My mind remained in this trance like shock for about 45 minutes. I developed a pretty bad headache, but quickly went away with food and water. Finally after an adequate amount of time has passed, I joked and laughed to Nathan about how accurate she described his personality, and every aspect of my life. I was told by Julianna before I left to expect some emotions to come to the surface in the coming days  since we had an intense release today, and as I grabbed my bag to exit the door she pulled me in for a hug. We hugged for about 5 seconds while she expressed how sorry she was for my pain, and proud of me for being so honest and brave. Bless her heart ❤

I will be back in a few days to report any new things going on following my session. 🙂

Over all a terrific experience. If anyone is in the LA area, I highly suggest you check her out.


xoxo. Paige 


11 thoughts on “My first Reiki and Chakra healing session

  1. Go for it re becoming a Reiki Master! Even just Reiki 1+ 2. It opens up such a wonderful connection for you to the Higher Realms / All that Is and allows you to practise on yourself and others.

    I did my Reiki Master attunement back in 2009 and it really was that start of numerous beneficial changes for me. Being able to practise on myself and deepen my connection to Spirit was truly a blessing!

    Good luck and thanks for sharing such a beautiful piece about your experience.

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  2. Hi! I’m a Reiki Master Teacher myself. I’m so glad you got to have that experience and that you got so much from it! I wanted to share a couple thoughts on your post:

    First, Reiki and other energy medicine modalities go a long way to helping people live better and more balanced lives, but they don’t and should never replace standard care by licensed qualified professionals. A cancer patient should always take the medicine his doctors prescribe, but what Reiki can do is help ease some of the other side effects and symptoms, so the patient can live with more ease.

    Another thing my teacher impressed on me was that from the Eastern point of view, energy as it exists in the client and in the universe is never good or bad. It simply is.The natural state of energy is to flow, and we learn that imbalances happen when energy gets stuck. The purpose of Reiki then is not to get rid of the bad, but to help restore balanced flow. The idea of good/bad duality comes from a Western perspective. I’ve studied Reiki from both perspectives and understand where each comes from. I look forward to hearing what you find if you decide to study and investigate further or have more sessions. Best wishes.

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    1. Thank you for your comment! She had some suggestions for me to get a second opinion from my doctor, and to have some things checked out that she picked up in my session. 🙂 She did pick up on my IBS symptoms are emotion related which makes sense I’m highly emotionally and my ibs lab tests can back negative. I appreciate you sharing with me some knowledge I have much to learn about reiki, this is only just the start ❤️


  3. Thank you so much for sharing! If I ever make it to the West Coast, I’m totally going to see her!!!! I have had a few teachers who “practice” reiki, but I have one in particular who you can tell is “the real deal.” I love taking yoga classes with her because I know she is going to help heal parts of my soul that no one else can. 💜

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