The Highly Sensitive Person


I notice everything. I accept apologies when they have been given to me over and over again after the same offense. I am always giving 150% of myself and only receiving 20%. I become easily overwhelmed by the amount of favors asked of me because I have a hard time saying no. I hold a lot in. I don’t always stick up for myself but I will stick up for anyone else. I can tell when someone is not being truthful to me by just watching the eyes. My empathy for others is almost unbearable at times. I can tell if someone is hurting but hiding it from the world, but when I’m hurting no one notices. This is the life of a highly sensitive person. Some days I have a hard time accepting this.  But God made me this way and He loves me as I am. I take solace in that.

XOXO, Paige



10 thoughts on “The Highly Sensitive Person

  1. I can totally relate to being a highly sensitive empath. It is SO hard to say no when my feelings and emotions feel so tied up with other people’s, and when I can see exactly how they’re feeling. I have to remind myself constantly that I deserve to be autonomous.

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    1. Exactly everything you said is how I feel as well! I heard from my reiki master there is a “cord cutting” practice they can perform. I wonder if it will help . I can really use a break from being so highly in tune with everyone but myself cause they’re so damn loud lol. On Halloween I had a party with friends and family and the next day I had a migraine and felt completely hung over. I don’t drink or use drugs, which led me to believe I was experiencing a sensory overload and I literally took the entire day to myself and didn’t go anywhere .

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      1. Yep, I’ve had sensory overload “hangovers” too! I get really burned out if I’m in that kind of environment too long. I’ve heard of cord cutting before…I think you can perform it on yourself too (though it might be stronger with your reiki master). Maybe it’s something I’ll think about using too. Great idea!


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