Caution: Black Cat Crossing! 

Hey Friends! I hope everyone enjoyed their Halloween! Now that that’s out of the way it’s Thanksgiving time, with Christmas just around the corner. I can’t believe how quick this year has gone. Can you!?! I’m not complaining one bit I love the holidays and cold weather. ❤️

I, myself had a great Halloween! Probably the best I have ever had, and just have to tell you about it!

I had all my friends and family here. My home was  decorated inside and out. Bought 6-7 huge bags of candy because I heard the area we moved to in town has high traffic. Little did I know how much  traffic we would actually get. We had kids lined up from our front door to the street at times! Parents driving around with their kids in golf carts, and hundreds of people crowding the streets. But what’s up with people taking their kids to trick or treat in cars? I don’t get that.

As per tradition my almost 2 year old and I dressed as the same thing. A black cat. Last year we were Minnie Mouse.

Can I just mention real quick that I have the best view for some of the wildest most beautiful desert sunsets ?!

The most adorable black cat in town.

This was our first year actually taking Audree out trick or treating. We only made it to 5-6 hours before we turned around to start passing out candy. I think we had about 300 trick or treaters. It was a pretty darn successful night if you ask me! 

But not only was it Halloween. It was also mine and Nathan’s 4 year anniversary . Boy have these 4 years gone by so quick. Unfortunately we never get to celebrate our special day because it’s the same day as Halloween but waking up in the morning to a card is my favorite thing. I don’t need gifts or an over the top grand gesture. A card is always my favorite gift. (I keep them all). ❤️

Thanks for reading and would love to hear how you spent your night !

Xoxo, Paige


7 thoughts on “Caution: Black Cat Crossing! 

  1. That sunset looks amazing, and your house is lovely, you have managed to get it looking really nice, it seems really quickly! (It took us many years after moving in before ours looked like it was livable in!) It sounds like you had fun!
    I did a remembrance ritual, lit a candle and named all my relatives and friends that I have known who have died and remembering something about each of them. It made me smile and there were a few tears too! I also did a Celtic, wild hunt visualisation (that was really hard to stay focused!) And you’re right, that little black cat is adorable!

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    1. Thank you! I’m mostly home all day so I spent large amounts of time working on the house. There’s still tons of unpacked boxes but shhhhh I hid them in the closets 😉
      and your night sounds very interesting wow! You have to explain this stuff to me I’m very intrigued ! Celtic, wild hunt visualization! Sounds very cool!

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      1. I got a book called ‘The Magical Year’ by Danu Forest, I have been trying to follow the visualisations, hoping I can live more simply as the Celts did, but I haven’t done any of the craft activities or baking from it yet. I may do depending on what it is in the future, I may also do some ritual things when I feel up to it! Hiding stuff in cupboards, Genius!

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  2. Great Grandma, and Grandma were witnesses for a couple that grandpa officiated their ceremony. We then met up with a young Christian man who was selling his dorm size refrigerator and bought it for grandpa downstairs. Went home settled in for the night. We unfortunately don’t get any ill ones to trick or treat. I’m coming to your house for Halloween since grandpa is retiring. Glad you two are doing great. Love you my ill darlings.

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