Got Plants?! My Journey To Veganism. 

So a little back story before I dive into the real stuff..

I was realitvily healthy until I got pregnant with my daughter back in 2014. My pregnancy was very complicated, I gained 80 lbs and right at the end of my first trimester I was considered high risk. After a painful birthing experience, and months and months of struggling with self esteem and insecurties due to my weight, postpartum anxiety/depression, and a colicky baby who turned me into an exhausted sleep deprived monster, I realized quickly that bouncing back wasn’t going to be easy for me, in fact it is still a bumpy road and my daughter is just a couple weeks shy of turning 2.

Even after the recommended 6 weeks of no exercise I had to wait even longer because my body just wasn’t anywhere near ready.

I know this is the norm of all moms that have  newborns, but I was extremely tired all the time, I was angry, had a temper, and had since the day out of the hospital developed an alarming case of IBS symptoms  that completely destroyed my quality of life. I went to see doctors and the lab results said they couldn’t find anything wrong with me. For 4 months straight I was (TMI) rushing to the bathroom 10+ times a day, and having wretched pain in my abdomen that would bring me to my knees and in tears. I was fearful of going shopping or anywhere in public. After going to the doctor and not having any sort of diagnosis I gave up on myself and decided this was just “the norm” for me now. There would be short periods of time where the symptoms would aleviate just a little for me to feel a small amount of comfort again. And then back to full blown problems again. It was a sick cycle.

My fiancé actually got really fed up with my complaints and seeing me in pain and not doing anything about it, and he convinced me to change doctors and get a second opinion. So I did. He had all kinds of reasons during our first initial appointment as to why I’m feeling this way. IBS, Chrons, Celiac, thyroid issues, and fibromyalgia. He sent out tons blood work to be done to check my thyroid and IBS. I really liked this doctor I thought i was finally going to get answers. Nope. All my tests came back normal.

I realized at that moment I need to figure this out on my own. I was gaining an unreasonable amount of weight, even with eating healthy and exercise. I didn’t understand why this weight was sticking on me and not letting go. I gave up working out. I didn’t see a point because I was following a highly recommended 3 month work out regime and didnt lose any inches, lbs and I saw zero changes. I was baffled!! Everyone I knew who was doing the program was having so much success! So it was incredibly annoying that I was getting no results. So I pretty much just gave up. Working out wasn’t working for me, so I needed to focus elsewhere.

So I decided to make a complete change to my diet, thinking maybe I’m eating the wrong foods and not nourishing my body the way I should be. I was a binge diet soda drinker and I loved splurging every now and then, but was pretty good about watching what I ate. I was eating a lot of meat and dairy products even though I’m lactose intolerant.

Back in August I started juicing fresh greens. I started drinking them about 2-3 times a day. I found that I was really feeling the benefits of that kind of diet and my symptoms starting disapearing. My stomach pains were no longer and i was starting to feel normal! I decided I wanted to give up diet soda, and that  lasted 8 days before I fell off the wagon. Then everything else went down hill. I started eating like crap again, stopped juicing and all my symptoms came back again. I had major bloating that was painful, felt extremely fatigued all the time and was drinking little to no water. I was doing yoga during all this time but I had no energy for it and was unmotivated.

So this real change in me occurred a few weeks ago when I was on YouTube and accidentally landed on this girl’s channel.  Kate Flowers changed my whole views about food and life and everything ! She is a raw vegan and lives a very healthy and positive lifestyle.

Anytime someone vegan comes to mind, I think of hippy, malnourished and stick thin. My entire life I based my eating on the standard American diet and so I never thought in a second I would ever consider being a vegan. Or even a vegetarian.

But this chick was so inspirational and got me researching anything I could on the topic. I found that vegans and vegetarians are actually very healthy and thriving! She suggested watching a few documentaries. Cowspiracy, Forks over Knives and Earthlings. After watching my first one I decided I was giving up meat. So that happened pretty much over night. I haven’t touched a piece of meat in 3 weeks.

The other day I watched Earthlings. I sobbed the entire first 45 minutes and then couldn’t endure anymore so I had to turn it off.  The extreme animal abuse and torture onto those poor animals for food made me sick to my stomach and vowed to never give a dollar to this industry or consume any animal meat ever again. I will never get those images out of head.

Up until then, meat was something that came from a plastic package that you get from a grocery store, not a living breathing animal that had a face, and a mom.  I can’t ignore what I know now.

So a few weeks I’ve been vegetarian. I no longer drink milk, haven’t had a diet soda in gosh, I can’t even remember ! And am going to transition (slowly) into veganisim by the first of the year. I have been stocking up my fridge with fresh fruits and vegetables and have never felt better ! I feel like I have some  normalcy back into my life, my brain isn’t as foggy anymore and even my fiancé said he noticed I’m much happier and feeling much better.

I have been getting such negative remarks about the things I eat and enjoy. But I don’t give a shit! I am extremely happy and I think I am finally on a path of health and happiness. I don’t starve myself, I eat in abundance! I can feel my body thanking me, the other day I was doing squats and for the first time in a long time I felt blood flowing through my legs. The lack of circulation in my legs was unreal ! And I am certain that the problems I was having in the recent past were all stemming from my diet. I’m hoping to keep progressing in my health.

If you made it this far, serious props! 👊🏼 I haven’t written this much on my blog in a long time!

So basically, this is something very passionate to me now, and if you’re following my blog you will most likely be seeing a lot more posts like this, and pictures and recipes of all the amazingly tasty healthy foods I have been eating. I will also be posting any information I can about the vegetarian/ vegan lifestyle that I can gather to spread awareness. And if that’s not for you, than that’s ok! My fiancé still loves and eats meat daily and I still love him 😂❤️

Xoxo, Paige


16 thoughts on “Got Plants?! My Journey To Veganism. 

  1. I am so deligted to have read your post. Minus the pregnancy and kids everything you mentioned related to me so much. You should be so proud of your self dear.

    I couldn’t thank you enough for your blog. I have been lingering to be a Vegetarian/Vegan for a while now. I actually don’t consume meat and juices or soft drink for that matter but, things like yoghurt/ cheese would creep in my diet some how. That is my weakness at the moment and after reading your journey and post I am right be hind ya!

    Your incident with the Doctors is exactly what happened to me, so I cut out everything especially processed food, cans, tins, high acidic and artificial and preservatives and that in it’s self made a huge difference. I am now even more excited to go that 40% and live healthier and stronger.

    I am totally doing this now I believe am already 60% there and with your amazing post it sure will be DONE!

    Yours Truly


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    1. 😥 thank you for the sweet feedback! Made my day! Very happy that you are making the change! Go at your own pace 🙂 sometimes long lasting changes need to happen slowly. The detox from meat and dairy is very difficult to go through. I’m going on 5 months vegan and it’s been such a blessing for me. I’ve seen so many of my friends make the transition and there had incredible results! So glad you reached this post. I love love LOVE to inspire people ❤ keep me updated on your process! I’ve been away from this blog for a little while cause things have got a little crazy with my schedule (and a child in her terrible twos and weaning 😣) but I need to make a progress update. Talk to you soon! And thanks again for the comment! It was incredibly inspiring and sweet ❤

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      1. Greetings,

        Thank you for responding, yes it is has been an incredible journey that has been very fulfilling.

        The detox was in did the biggest struggle I went trough but was so worth, I feel and look so beautiful and the refereshing aspect of it is also wonderful.

        Well not I have defintley become an actually vegan I do not consume and animal product at all, funny enough it is 100% consistent now.

        Given the situation I think your doing very well, and going at your pace is just the way it should be, so that you do not have to go backwards.

        Lovely chatting to you, will keep you posted.

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      2. great job! i firmly believe that anyone looking to make the switch to veganism should take it at their very own pace, everyone has their own path they walk in life, and you are going so good. Congrats! Glad to hear you are doing very well!
        look forward to the updates


  2. I was a vegetarian (not vegan) for 8 years before I went back to incorporating meat into my diet. I went cold turkey and gained a lot of health benefits during that time. I went back to meat because my body was craving it and I still eat mainly vegetarian during the week. Good for you for making such a big, healthy change to your diet and I really hope that you can stick with it and see some real benefits of being 100% plant based.

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  3. Awesome! Keep us posted on your journey. I try to eat as vegetarian as I can, my daughter is a vegetarian. I have to argue with restaurants sometimes to not up charge me for replacing veggies instead of meat, but its worth it. Good luck!

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