Raw Vegan Recipe That Will Taste Like A Cheat Meal! 

Excited to say that I have been so happy since I made the switch to veganism.  The recipes I have found and tasted have seriously made me feel guilty! Until I realized I was eating raw whole plant based foods!! And the weight that has been sticking to my body like GLUE is finally coming off, I’m less bloated all the time, and my sleep is so much better! I can’t even name all the positive effects it has had on me.

I have to share with you this extremely simple, fast, raw vegan lunch recipe I found from a fellow vegan Kate Flowers.

Easy as apple pie! It literally does taste like apple pie and smells like it too. The recipe calls for 7 romaines but I was so full off just 4 so I plastic wrapped the filling and am gonna pick at it throughout the afternoon.

Oh, and I must add I have never tried a medjool date before yesterday, or any other kind of date before in that matter and I have been missing out! I wanted to eat a whole box!

Hope you try out this super easy and tasty recipe, even if you’re not vegan! 😉

XOXO, Paige 


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