The Holidays……. are over! My first Vegan Christmas experience. Plus my baby turns 2!

I have been absent! Life has kept me very busy the last couple months, and it has been rather difficult to tend to my blog, although I do miss my blog community, so I will try my best to be more active since the holidays are a couple days from being OVER!

So lets talk about the holidays….

If you follow my blog you might have read my second to the last post that I made about my choice to stop eating meat products. Going Vegan. If you haven’t read that post you can find it  here. I made the decision right after Thanksgiving. I was planning to start Jan 1st but I decided right away I needed to make the change, so it pretty much happened over night. Its been going GREAT! I have never felt better. I have lost 7 lbs this month. That’s with little exercise. I completely quit soda again. I haven’t had that in over a month. I haven’t been able to shed a decent pound in what seems like forever, even with the hardest exercise, and now its finally happening and all because I changed the way I eat.

Anyways, back to the holidays… I knew it was going to be a little difficult since I am the only member of my family that is vegan, and more so the only one in my family that made the connection between meat and animals, and consuming animals is disgusting and wrong. But I’m not trying to persuade any of my family to think like I do, I mean, it would be awesome if I had another vegan in the  family but I just know its not going to happen.

I had my fiances company Christmas party to get through first this holiday season. It was my first time dining out, and the over all experience wasn’t the best. For the first time I really saw the division between meat eaters and non meat eaters. I had a conversation with a man over my choice to not eat meat. I was horrified with the whole ordeal. He shamed me for not eating meat and made fun of me for my food choices and new life style. I think I handled myself pretty well though, we left soon after that.

Next I had actual Christmas dinner to get through, which was hosted at my house. I had my close family, and Nathan’s family combined. My grandmother came over and made all the food for the dinner, which included lots of ham and dairy, but I ignored it, and just kept it in the back of my head that I just had to get through this one dinner and then it would be smooth sailing. I made myself 2 yummy vegan dishes. I had one large bowl with my NoChicken salad covered with foil and my grandma asked if I needed my dish to be put out to be served and I said that its Vegan, and wanted to see if anyone wanted to try it. She turned around and hid my dish in the corner of my kitchen behind the coffee maker so no one would eat it. Like it was absurd and disgusting that it was vegan. She has never tried anything vegan in her life. She then decided that it would be the perfect time while everyone was in the kitchen serving themselves dinner, to pick a fight with me in a super passive aggressive way about my diet choice. Appalled wouldn’t even explain how I was feeling at that moment. I wanted to lash out on her for her ignorance. My grandma is very old school. Very standard American diet. Very much used to slathering butter on everything. I said a few things out of anger about her eating a dead animal and took my plate full of vegan food and walked off. I had no intention on ruining my Christmas arguing with a stubborn old woman about the choices I make in my life. I was so drained and cried a little bit but realized that some people will never change. I sincerely feel sadness to any other person out there that is or has or will be going through a situation when your family members turn on you for this lifestyle. A little education on the topic turned me from meat eater to vegan practically over night, it doesn’t hurt to learn for yourself what is really going on in the meat and dairy industry. I mean, my poor grandma thinks veganism is a “cleanse”. smh.

So, with that not so fun memory of the holidays being recanted I am very excited that Jan 1st is almost here and its going to be a brand new year. That cliché “new year new me” lol.

I did enjoy the holidays don’t get me wrong, I spent so much wonderful time with my fiancé and daughter, and made memories with my family that I will always remember.

I wanted to save the best for last though.

My baby girl turned 2 on Christmas Eve!!

That is by far my most favorite memory of this season. She’s blossoming into the most beautiful smart stubborn little lady. She definitely got spoiled this year. Which means I need to go through all her old toys and get rid of them. JK they will end up in a plastic tote in the garage  because I could never get rid of anything that’s hers. And plus we are trying for baby number 2 and what if its a girl?! Would be unwise to get rid of anything we might need later down the line. Crossing fingers.

Hope you guys had an amazing Christmas, and I look forward to hearing any great memories you have made.

XOXO, Paige




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