My contradictions 

I am a lover of alone time and silence…but I tend to have many moments of loneliness.

I get jealous of other people’s social life…but I feel socially awkward and prefer to be at home in my pajamas.

I watch romantic love movies and wish my life was like that .. but am incredibly cynical and believe  romance is a facade and chivalry is dead.

I expect everyone in my life to be open and honest with me…but I fail to be fully transparent to them.

On the outside I appear to be a strong person…but on the inside I’m crying inside and tired of being hurt over and over.

I try to tell myself my childhood doesn’t define me…but in all reality it has given me trust issues and fears of abandonment.

If anyone mistreated my friends or family I would stand up for them and what’s right… but I let my mother treat me like a piece of shit every day.

I get completely passionate about something…but then it fizzles away and I’m on to the next thing.

I want so bad to have another sibling for Audree…but then I fear pregnancy, childbirth, and the extra stress.

I will do anything for the one I love…but rarely get treated the same.

I live for being outdoors and experiencing fresh air…but sometimes the anxiety of leaving the house or pure exhaustion keep me inside most days.

I long to be complimented…but question the legitimacy if one is recieved.

I am a dreamer…but also utterly realistic.

These are mine. What are yours?

XOXO, Paige❤


2 thoughts on “My contradictions 

  1. Wow.I’m also all kinds of awkward.I did almost the exact thing in that pic when someone I didn’t really talk to said his to me.Some times I wonder why I’m this way yet make no effort to quit living in my perfect dreamworld,complete with people I don’t know.


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