Dear Katelyn Davis….

I am sorry life failed you. I’m sorry your parents failed you. I’m sorry that your depression overcome you so much that the only way out for you was suicide. I am sorry that you have lived through such horrendous acts from your piece of shit molesting stepfather. He should be dead not you. Reading your story tears me apart. I hope you’re up in heaven amongst the angels.


** If you don’t know who Katelyn Davis is… she is a 12 year old girl living in Georgia who hung her self on a live internet feed on December 30th.  She was suffering from extreme depression, disgusting living conditions, and was molested and mentally abused by her step father. She wrote blog posts about her depression days leading up to her suicide. May this beautiful soul finally be in peace. 

This MUST be a wake up call to everyone!! People are suffering out there, some silent and some not, she was very vocal about her depression and it was a cry for help.  Hope this doesn’t have to happen to any one else. 


8 thoughts on “Dear Katelyn Davis….

  1. So sad.I saw the news and i was just dumb founded.She spoke out on her pain but no one understood how deeply enough it hurt her to help.From those posts,she did not want to commit suicide,she probably saw it as her last option.Those who watched the suicide video said her mother stated calling for her 20 minutes after she did it.Just so horrific.


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