Toddlers Are Weird

This is fact.

Many of you guys would agree that at the age of toddlerhood they start doing some weird things. Developing strange habits. Frustrating habits. Pull the hair straight out of your head sort of habits. Although I was warned of terrible twos.
I compiled a list of things my now 25 month old toddler is doing….. and some that she has been doing for a little while in the past 6 months or so. I’m sure all of these is common. And you could probably relate.

Throwing herself down in public. Doesn’t matter where. Just embarrassing the shit out of you in the process.

The torture of having a stray hair land on her hand. Won’t stop screaming till I remove said hair strand.

Screaming at the top of her lungs for no reason whatsoever. Life is tough when you’re 2.

Putting food in her mouth then spitting it right out. In the high chair, on your white rug, on the coffee table, your lap, the dogs head.

Doesn’t want me touch her, but if I walk away she screams and wants a hug.

Nursing on one boob then switching after a few minutes and nurses on the other boob. And repeat till the end of eternity.

Asks for “Dori” but I put on “Dori” and she screams and throws herself down.

Goes into pantry and brings me food for her to eat, then after preparing said food, she screams and throws it on the floor.

Taking off her clothes in the gym day care.

Needs her hand held in the car seat.

After changing her diaper she jumps up and gives me a huge hug. Okay…. I love this one.

Finishing her drinks or food and throwing away her rewashable cups and plates in the trash. Don’t worry, it’s just money.

Physically eating my expensive Two Faced blush.

Throwing things into the toilet and waving “bye!”

Pouring out all my lotion and screaming cause she got some on her hands and can’t deal with the pain.

When I’m doing the dishes, she goes to her fake kitchen and does the dishes there. It’s actually pretty cute.

Speaking of cute. EVERYTHING is cute. When we go to Target, she yells “cute!!!” At everything. She says what I’m actually thinking lol. Cause I love Target. She probably learned that from me.

Finding bite marks in my beauty blenders.

Goes into the pantry and feeds the dogs huge oversized bowls of food. Which is a great help in the morning before I’ve had my coffee.

Drinking water out of the dog food bowl. Hey, she’s quenching her thirst.

Is way too interested in those weird YouTube videos of children playing with toys  that I see all the other kids watching, and thought I would never let my kid watch.

Giving her a fruit juice pouch and she takes the straw out and drinks it out of the hole or pours it over her head. Then screams.

She likes to put Disney character stickers on her feet and goes to walk and the pain is almost unbearable. Darn stickers.

If I just look at her when she’s in a bad mood. The world is over.

Sure there is plenty more but it’s 11 pm and it’s been a long day.

What kind of weird things does your toddler do?

Until next time friends

XOXO, Paige❤


4 thoughts on “Toddlers Are Weird

  1. That’s really cute! Loved your post. My son used toget into the pantry and get to the chocolate chips. The worst was the cocoa all over the kitchen floor 🙂 He is three now and a big helper eith his younger sister. Of course now he has a pesonality so no matter what I choose for him to wear he will go and want to change his pants/shirt. My daughter is really silly she’ll climb on my sons back and lay on him and he’ll freak out. Then he does it to her and she laughs. Every kid has their beautiful quirky cuteness.

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  2. Haha, I’m sorry. It so frustrating. And I hate to be the one to tell you this, but enjoy it while it lasts. Three is worse. It’s called a ‘threenager’. It’s an actual thing.

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