Holy Fire Reiki healing experience. (level I)

It’s been 3 weeks since I completed my level II Reiki training. Which means the 3 week detox is over….. I think…. I’ve heard of people experiencing reiki detox for much longer but I do noticeably feel much better. I will go in detail of the detox in a separate post because there’s so much to write about.

On the level I Day of class the Reiki master did what is called an Ocean of Love Experience. Which is basically a healing guided meditation. She led us through thick woods, out into a vast opening. Into the distance there’s an ocean full of love and light. We were led  into the water and from there we went on our own personal journey.

Everyone for the most part had a completely different experience as we were given time afterward to share with the class. I had a lot of physical sensations. As I was guided into the healing water during the meditation I started floating upwards. I saw swirls of purple everywhere, which is not uncommon because every time I mediate the usual color I see is purple. Purple seems to be drawn to me so I wasn’t shocked to be seeing so much of it 🙃 . But then I felt this massive warmth come over me. I became relaxed and tense areas in my body started to fall into alignment. I wasn’t even aware I was tensed up in these areas, so that was interesting. The swirling waves of purple began to fade into large purple wings, flapping slowly and gracefully over my head. Moments  later the purple faded all together and I was floating again but in a darkness void of color. I felt free and extremely calm, “blissed out” my teacher would say. It was truly a blissful experience. A rush of energy came in through my feet and into my legs and arms, turning into a tingling sensation that felt as if something was being sprinkled all over me. I remained in this blissful state of tingles for what seemed like forever. The next thing I remembered was the feeling of being  wrapped up in something. Like an invisible safety blanket. I saw quick images of a grassy meadow but the image would disappear as soon as I noticed it. After about 15 minutes of swirls, wings, tingles and lots of purple our teacher guided us out of the mediation.

As we went around in a circle to share our experiences I noticed how completely different everyone’s were. Until it became Brandy’s turn to share. Brandy is a clairavoant who is extremely gifted and sensitive to energies. As I sit here and write this I get chills because it seems like her and I connected some how in our meditation. I’m not sure if this is common in group guided meditations but it felt pretty significant to me. She explained that after she went into the “ocean of love” she immediately became aware that she was back in the classroom but outside of her body and was watching us in our meditative state from afar. Then angels appeared and circled above for quite a while before they started sprinkling something on us. She didn’t know what it was but she explained it to be  similar to fairy dust. It was bright and sparkling.

See the similarities here?! I was blown away, and literally moved to tears. I showed her my journal afterward where I had written down the angel wings above me and the tingling all over my body as if something was being sprinkled on me. I don’t know how to explain that one away. Somehow our conciousnnesses (is that even a word?) must have connected for a moment, and were able to share the same experience in our own way, I saw purple angel wings, she saw angels flying above us….. she saw sparkling dust….. i felt tingles.

Anyways, that was something really special I wanted to share with you. Hope you enjoyed reading it 🙂

Next post will be about by level I attunment. Stay tuned!

XOXO, Paige✨💫


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