The act of letting things be

Ive been through lots of hurt in my life. I would make up these scenarios in my head of why they do what they do, and why they’re such bad people. I’d get so hurt. I’m sensitive and things easily get to me,  I’m able to brush some stuff off but there were some things that I could never get over. Liars for instance. The ones who lie for no good reason. People who say horrible things behind others back and call them friends at the same time. The untrustworthy who suprisingly have lots of people in their corner,  and it just makes you wonder “how the heck do they get away with this stuff!”

It’s clear many are blind to people’s negative behaviors. Some people feed off it because they’re negative themselves, or they’re scared of that person and won’t  stand up to them. Whatever the reason, the awful negative ones still continue to thrive.

A huge lesson I have learned recently is to let things be. I’ve learned that trying to get revenge on someone only brings negativity into your own life. It’s stressful as hell to constantly think of the pain and betrayal and it eventually consumes your whole day. The thing is…. their life is miserable. Chances are they’re insecure and hate themselves…..  and the best thing you can do for yourself (if you find yourself in a situation like this), is to rise above, forgive and move on.

I’ve been hurt by a number of friends, I’ve been talked about and gossiped about, my family name spat on for no.good.reason… and to try to figure it out and to find a motive behind it only caused me unnecessary pain. At the end of the day they have to live with themselves. One day they will have to answer for the things they have done.

Sure it hurts at first, but when I look in the mirror I am happy with the person I am. I don’t let anyone decide that for me, or let their judgements change how I feel about myself. I know exactly who I am, and I know what serves me for my highest good. I know who is toxic and I stay far away. I know that I want to spend my days with people who make me laugh and smile.

So when someone tries to hurt you… remember they’re hurting themselves. Protect yourself with  a shield of light and love. They won’t be able to get to you.

I thank all the amazing people who have blessed and continue to bless my life. And I also thank the bad ones who have come and gone. For they have shown me exactly what type of person I don’t ever want to be.

🦋Light and Love to YOU🦋


5 thoughts on “The act of letting things be

  1. It is never you when this happens and it is the ones doing this who are lost, trying to fit in, thinking this is the behavior they have to portray in order to be accepted. It’s sad really. Could you consider having compassion for somebody that has hurt you by realizing how lost they are? You obviously operate on different levels and have risen above. Forgiving and letting go of the pain it has caused you is the next step.

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    1. It definitely takes a while and a lot of strength… but forgiveness….. yes, I have forgiven. 🙂 I see the pain they’re in and how lost they are. I’ve tried many times to help but have received the worst retaliation. This person doesn’t want help. So I had to forgive the situation and move on from it so I can live my life and focus on my family. ❤️

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  2. I was reflecting on the exact same things recently. For some reason my brain wants to figure out the kitties of these folks but you are correct. Is fruitless and only brings anguish. I enjoyed your post. Right on time!

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